National Safeguarding Adults week: 18-25th November

Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board (MSAB) arranged a number of events to raise awareness/engage people in discussions during National Safeguarding Adults week: 18-25th November.

One of our Peers was invited to participate in a radio interview, the film of our ‘voice’ was played at a number of events and six of the group were invited to attend and contribute to a ‘Safeguarding Symposium’ which was organised by Wirral Local Authority, Wirral Community Health & Care NHS Trust, Wirral Health & Care Commissioning and MSAB.

A total of 60+ people attended from a vast array of statutory, non-statutory, community and voluntary services and the focus of the symposium was ‘Self Neglect and Hoarding’.

Following a brief presentation, the main activity for the day (suggested by one of our members) involved the development of a person specification (characteristics/skills etc) for a person who is being recruited to work with people who self-neglect and/or hoard. Round table discussions and feedback centred on a number of critical issues emanating from this activity.

Copies of the ‘Self Neglect Toolkit’ developed by MSAB and John Moores University in collaboration with the HHH peer support group (amongst others) were made available on the day.

You can see from the examples of the graffiti (feedback) sheets in the photos what a success the symposium proved to be. In addition, MASB have decided to utilise a similar format for the development of its ‘safeguarding surgeries’ in the New Year.

In addition, a number of emails were received from the attendees who wanted to comment on the contributions and expertise of peer group members:

“Here’s to more true co production work. Please extend my personal gratitude to the folks from the Hoarders helping Hoarders peer support group. They were absolutely fantastic and left us all with food for thought and the need for reflection about the way we work and how things need to move forward. I look forward to seeing them all again at future events.”

(DW: Advanced Practitioner)

“These things work best when we keep it real, grounded and relevant to the people we’re trying to support – fantastic way to finish our week, the energy in the room was palpable and used to great effect and our peers were……OUTSTANDING!”

(Ian Porter, Safeguarding Voices/Engagement Lead MSAB)