Day trip to Llandudno!

On 25t July the group visited Llandudno for the day. It just so happened to be the hottest day of the year to date, but luckily the coach was air conditioned! After arriving at noon, the group had a group lunch together at Habit cafĂ© on Mostyn Street and then headed to the beach for a group photo.

After a chat and admiring the view the group went off to investigate the town and surrounding attractions.

After re-grouping at the bus station and the end of the day, the group shared their day with each other… and their finds! It really was a great day out and everyone had a fantastic time. So much so that the group is already keen to plan the next trip.

If you feel isolated or don’t have a circle of people that you can talk too about how clutter has affected your life, please come along to one of our sessions and get involved. You may even get to go on a group day out!

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